Professional Polygraph Services

A professionally administered polygraph examination can, with a great deal of accuracy and reliability, identify guilt, eliminate falsely accused suspects, verify witnesses’ statements or an informant’s information and confirm the veracity of an individual’s statement. When properly used by trained examiners, such as those at the Polygraph Science Center, polygraph examination can reduce the cost of investigations. This is done by saving time and increasing the rate of resolution. Examinees are encouraged to confess and break through their denial if they have been dishonest prior to the examination.

The Source Of A Valuable Resolution Tool

Polygraph examination is one of the many tools used by:

  • Lawyers and counselors assisting clients;
  • Government and law enforcement Agencies;
  • Private firms conducting investigations;
  • Corporations dealing with internal events or crimes;
  • Individuals seeking to validate a truthful expression.

We work by appointment only and the Polygraph Science Center is selective about the cases accepted. The client and case must meet standards considered to be suitable for examination. In some cases a referral may be made to an attorney, counselor or investigative personnel for additional options. We also travel throughout the State of Texas and can arrange examinations through the country and the Caribbean.

For free consultation with a professional examiner, please contact us.