Human society has established rules to guide its members. It then developed a system to assess guilt for violations of those rules. Once guilt is assessed, punishment is meted out.

This system with ancient origins has evolved into our Criminal Justice System as we know it today. Unfortunately it is not always accurate and sometimes not even fair. A review of these seemingly elementary principles is very important for the person facing charges.

For a member of society to find oneself facing a criminal charge is a devastating experience. The intensity of that trauma is dependent upon the:

  • intensity of actual involvement in the event leading to the charge;
  • seriousness of the charge;
  • life experience of the person charged;
  • level of support the person is receiving from family and friends; and,
  • participation of the person’s legal defense.

Often an innocent person is deceived by the first premise. That person assumes that because they believe themselves to be innocent, the criminal justice system will set them free. That is not necessarily true based on several factors. It is important to require our Criminal Justice System to be challenged. The agents of the system must be required to present clear evidence to justify the charges. Based on mere accusations, elements of the Criminal Justice System may focus its powerful energy and resources against an individual. Facing the accused will be the prosecutor, components of law enforcement and the media arousing public sentiment. The bottom line is that an individual needs the best defense they can muster and the best support tools available. Polygraph examination conducted by the Polygraph Science Center is one of those.

When a criminal charge has been levied, the accused must pull out all of the stops and not leave anything to chance. It is best to respond quickly to charges with the assistance of good counsel. Polygraph examination, while the results may not be directly discussed in court, it may be a valuable tool for the clarification of circumstances to modify charges or ward off indictment and trial. Recall our theme, “The truth is rarely pure and is never simple.” This is a life altering event. The accused should not stand alone in this emotionally humiliating public exposure in such a formal, inflexible and unfamiliar environment.


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