A properly administered polygraph examination can, with a great deal of accuracy and reliability, identify guilt, eliminate falsely accused suspects, verify applicants’ and witnesses’ statements or informant’s information and confirm the veracity of an individual’s statement. Prospective clients are:

  • Lawyers and counselors assisting clients
  • Government agents, law enforcement and private security firms conducting investigations
  • Corporations dealing with internal events or crimes
  • Individuals seeking to determine or validate an expression of truth


The appointment phase:

  • Appointments are scheduled after a discussion by phone or E-mail
  • You incur no expense until your case is FULLY ACCEPTED
  • Appropriate explanatory paperwork is forwarded by E-mail

The examination phase:

1. Authorizations and releases need to be signed
2. Interview of the Examinee will be conducted
3. Case facts will be reviewed prior to testing and discussed to form questions
4. The examiner will conduct an acquaintance, or practice, test with the examine, so there are no surprises
5. When a comfort zone is achieved and sensor settings established, the relevant polygraph examination will be administered and videotaped

The reporting phase:

  • Examinations are manually scored and then computer scored for a quality check
  • If an examination is scored “Inconclusive”, it will be carefully studied for attempted counter measures
  • A post-test interview with the Examine will be conducted
  • The results will be reviewed with the Examine and an opportunity provided for an explanation about reactions
  • The following day a formal professional report will be issued to the client via Email


Formal Agreements or Payment is required in advance of exam. Payment is arranged in the following ways ;

  • Purchase Orders;
  • Express Delivery when time is short
  • Corporate or Agency purchase order, or checks may be sent by US mail
  • Payment by Cash or Money Orders may be delivered 24 hours in advance of the exam
  • Invoicing is done for contractual clients only
  • There is a 50% charge for a “no show”

1. Attorney Requested Client Exam

  • $800.00 – BASE – Each for in-lab testing with professional report of findings. Fee must be paid in advance. Additional stand-by and court appearance fees will apply
  • Price Quoted – For on-site exams at your location, a travel fee plus travel expenses
  • $400.00 – Quality Review testing by another examiner with consultation conducted at our lab

2. Domestic Infidelity Examinations

  • $400.00 – BASE – For one person
  • $600.00 – For a couple with similar issues
  • Only those clients in counseling are accepted with the agreement of the counselor

        Examination includes:

  • free phone consultation
  • pretest joint conference at time of appointment
  • polygraph examination with manual and computer scoring
  • immediate follow-up conference
  • formal report delivered by Email overnight to specified party

3. Specific Issue (Personal and Domestic Non-Infidelity Issue)

  • $400.00 – Per examination
  • This refers to situations where there is no pending litigation or official ongoing investigation
  • Some of these issues are better resolved by a drug screen or professional counseling
  • The age and maturity levels of Juveniles must be taken into consideration
  • Victims statements are to be accepted at face value and not verified by polygraph

       Examples are:

  • Juvenile Veracity Problems
  • Sibling Conflict
  • Conflict Within The Family
  • Local Community Issues
  • Suspected Drug Use By A Family Member

4. Employee Theft Investigations

  • All Examinations are compliant with The Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)
  • Employer must document compliance with the ACT and provide event details
  • $400.00 – BASE – For first EMPLOYEE
  • $300.00 – For more examinations for the same case on the same day
  • PLUS TIME AND TRAVEL EXPENSES – For examinations conducted on your site
  • Discounted Daily rates are available (EPPA)

5. Sexual Offender Program

  • Qualified Professional Examiners – All examiners have advanced degrees and specialized training leading to JPCOT certification
  • $600.00 – For confirmation of an affidavit about sexual history disclosure after review by examinee’s counselor or probation officer
  • $400.00 – Per exam, as required, for disclosure follow-up exams
  • $300.00 – For ongoing monitoring or maintenance exams
  • Victims,  generally speaking, are not good candidates for polygraph and case should be referred to the appropriate authority or professional counseling
  • Fresh allegations of sexual offenses by those under supervision may require a lawyer’s referral

6. Agency Arranged Internal Investigations Examinations

  • Preliminary telephone conference between the Chief Examiner and the Client is required
  • Client must make the proper notification with the advice of counsel
  • $300.00 per exam
  • Travel Expenses
  • “Security Clearance” for Examiner Is arranged by client if special access is required

7. Government And Security Organizations’ Pre-employment Screening

  • Agency Contract Price is invoiced after completion of the examination
  • We have Agency Contracts throughout the Metroplex; References can be provided
  • Most Exams are done in our Grapevine Office but we can come to your location on a scheduled basis with Travel Expenses
  • Appointments are grouped at 90 minute intervals on the contracted date and scheduled by the client
  • $300.00 per exam for non-contract agencies
  • Rapid Response to your site is available in critical circumstances
  • Male or Female examiners available when that distinction may be significant
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish speaking) Examiner available at a premium fee
  • Plus Travel Expenses as required
  • Examinations can be conducted Statewide

9. Travel Expenses

  • Travel time is charged at $50 per hour
  • Price of air travel
  • Plus ground transportation if required
  • Accommodations
  • Fee for a suitable meeting room or exam space
  • Advantage is convenience to client
  • These factors will be determined after a conference call
  • A planning fee of $50 may be added to the overall travel costs
  • Spanish speaking examiner is available under special arrangements;  “Hola me llamo Richard Barrera y he sido un examinador licenciado de polígrafo más de 16 años. Mi otra historia profesional incluye 23 años como un official federal de aplicación de la ley para la Oficina Federal de Prisiones, que también incluyo estar en el Equipo de Negociación de Rehén y el Equipo de Recuperación de Evidencia. Soy fluido en hablar, y escribir el Español y viajaré a su lugar. Actualmente, en las areas de Dallas/Fort Worth, cobro $1,200.00 dólares, más gastos de viaje.”