Who Uses The Polygraph Science Center Services?

Polygraph examination is one of the many tools used by:

  • Lawyers and counselors assisting clients;
  • Government agencies, law enforcement and private security firms conducting investigations;
  • Corporations dealing with internal events or crimes;
  • Individuals seeking to validate an expression of truth.

The three segments of society that use the polygraph include: the legal community, law enforcement agencies, and the private sector. They are further described below:

Legal Community

U.S. Attorney Offices, District Attorney Offices, Public Defender Offices, Defense Attorneys, Parole and Probation Departments make effective use of the polygraph system. Many pretrial decisions are made, based on a polygraph examination, in cases that lack substantial physical or eye witness evidence.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, State Law Enforcement Agencies, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies such as Police and Sheriff’s Departments use polygraph examinations to support their investigation effort. Government agencies make extensive use of pre-employment polygraph examinations to support a background examination.

Private Sector

Companies and Corporations under the restrictions and limitations of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA) may look to the Act’s “Ongoing Investigations” exceptions to address issues of economic loss. Certain industries may use polygraph for per-employment testing.

Private Citizens

Individuals seeking a resolution to personal matters not involving the legal or criminal justice system will sometimes turn to a polygraph resolution. This usually relates to suspected infidelity by a mate or inapproprate behavior by a child in the family.

Attorneys in Civil Litigation

Lawyers seeking to support a client’s position may seek to verify a statement.


Treatment providers seeking assistance in determining if a person in counseling is being truthful or deceitful about their behavior thus helping patients break through denial.

American Psychological Association